Moar Timelapse – and a bit of lightning

I shot another timelapse yesterday – this one contains the tail end of Hurricane Bertha according to the met office:

Also – here’s a clip of some lightning I managed to capture the other week when we had a day full of electrical storms. I tried for hours to photograph a bolt of lightning but failed every time – so in the end I gave up and filmed a patch of sky at 50fps (and then slowed the video down but kept the audio the same):

Timelapse experiment

Here’s a little timelapse experiment I did today on my HTC One using a free app called TinaTimelapse – it works really well! You’ve just got to remember to manually put your phone to sleep with your power button, rather than letting it go to sleep – as it doesn’t work, at least on my phone. It can be quite disappointing when you come back a few hours later and you only have 7 pics 😉

Tina Timelapse has a number of settings options, for this one I set resolution to 1280 x 720 with 80% quality and 20 seconds between photos, white balance of ‘cloudy-daylight’, scene mode of ‘landscape’ and focus mode of ‘infinity’.

The individual images were stitched in Vegas Movie Studio, like this. The panning was done in post, I think I like the original better…