Day 2 – Windy After Work Walk With Whippet

Wind, lots of wind. Blowing the trees, blowing the barley.

It had stopped raining, so when I got in from work, I relented to the puppy eyes and took Mojo the Whippet out for walk. It was still pretty wild, and I did get the fear while walking under trees (beware of falling branches!)

Here’s a little slow motion video of a sunburst and the wind blowing the barley (music clip Adrift – Tycho):

I also took some snaps 🙂 Mojo was getting involved in going wild – he had a little wild snack of Goosegrass

Moar Timelapse – and a bit of lightning

I shot another timelapse yesterday – this one contains the tail end of Hurricane Bertha according to the met office:

Also – here’s a clip of some lightning I managed to capture the other week when we had a day full of electrical storms. I tried for hours to photograph a bolt of lightning but failed every time – so in the end I gave up and filmed a patch of sky at 50fps (and then slowed the video down but kept the audio the same):

Timelapse experiment

Here’s a little timelapse experiment I did today on my HTC One using a free app called TinaTimelapse – it works really well! You’ve just got to remember to manually put your phone to sleep with your power button, rather than letting it go to sleep – as it doesn’t work, at least on my phone. It can be quite disappointing when you come back a few hours later and you only have 7 pics 😉

Tina Timelapse has a number of settings options, for this one I set resolution to 1280 x 720 with 80% quality and 20 seconds between photos, white balance of ‘cloudy-daylight’, scene mode of ‘landscape’ and focus mode of ‘infinity’.

The individual images were stitched in Vegas Movie Studio, like this. The panning was done in post, I think I like the original better…

There’s snow business like…

Well, it wasn’t so rare when I was a kid, but we haven’t seen snow like this round these ‘ere parts since 2003 that I can remember, when people ended up stranded in cars on the A417 and had to abandon them and walk home.

It looks beautiful though – pristine and virginal. Even our garden looks clean and tidy 😉

So, the Met didn’t really predict that there would be snow fall last night in this area, and at about 2pm yesterday the previous couple of days snowfall began to melt, and the residents of our little hill top village were jubilant at the prospect of a risk free day today. But last night we got another 10cm or so, with the previous gritting having no effect whatever. It was bad enough on Monday and Tuesday, but there is no way we are going to get out, or into the village.

We had a snow plough coming round early this morning, but that only served to compact the snow into slippery veneer or to reveal the frozen icy layer below. It’s another snow day for all the kids in the village.

Here’s a few snaps (some of them credited to my 10 year old daughter). More to come – we are off for an expedition into the woods and fields at lunchtime (I am working from home again).