Day 17 – Kingfisher reversing

I know. I had a bit of a break from blogging but I’ve still been wild everyday. I do social media/blogging stuff for a living and sometimes the joy of experience over-rides the pain of mediation… πŸ˜‰

So the good news is that I’ve still been doing something wild every day and at some point I’ll get around to backdating the blog with the accompanying posts but I did manage to capture some footage of a Kingfisher leaving its nest today, so I had to share that…

I also need a better lens. The pics I took of it about to enter the nest with a big fish were rushed (those Kingfishers are flighty!) and out of focus, but I managed to shoot some footage of the exit πŸ™‚

(slowed down)

The really exciting thing (apart from this being the first time I’ve managed to photograph/video a Kingfisher) is that this seems to be the second brood in this nest this year πŸ™‚

When is a blog not a blog? When it’s a post…

I was just reading this story on the Guardian about the ‘Cashless Man’ Mark Boyle – and read this line:

“I thought it would be just that: a little blog.”

Now – not wanting to pick on Mark, as I love the work he has done and he gets a lot of stick from people who cannot contemplate living without ‘stuff’ and cash, but…

A blog (short for weblog) is a website with a number of timestamped entries/stories/articles. In netspeak these are called posts – or blog posts.

Some people call them entries (like a diary), you could conceivably call them stories or pieces or even articles – especially if they appear on a newspaper website.

When you write a post – you are also ‘blogging’ a verb ‘to blog’: the act of writing/editing a post or updating your blog.

This is not a blog. This is a blog post.

How to install WordPress MU using SVN

I had to get my head around this for WP standard work recently, and thought I would combine it with some WP-MU experimentation.

Current release (at time of writing) WP-MU 2.6.5

Page on WP Codex on setting up WP with Subversion (not MU specific, but you can usually add ‘-mu’ on the end of WP πŸ™‚

So if your host, like mine, supports SVN , navigate to your chosen directory and create a subdirectory if you want one:

mkdir blog
cd blog

svn co .

EDIT: Don’t install WP-MU in a subdirectory!

The space AND dot is VERY important (I did forget it a few times while trying this out)

Create new database on Dreamhost (or whatever host you use):

Make a note of the details and proceed with a standard install procedure or edit your wp-config.php if you would rather.

Updating WP-MU to run off a later tag

svn sw .

or off ‘trunk’ (not recommended for production environments)

svn sw .

This will replace all files that were associated with the tagged files from the repository (in our example, from 2.6.5) to the newer version, in this case 2.7 (at the time of writing WP 2.7 is out but not WP-MU 2.7).

Easy peasy!

Give me your favourite quotes

I have been using a great little WordPress plug-in called ‘Quotes Collection‘ on this blog – it’s great for grabbing those quotes you see popping up over the web and adding them to your blog. It is my favourite aspect of my own blog actually – I like being inspired, challenged or reminded of important concepts and values by great thinkers.

You can get a sample of them by clicking on ‘Next Quote’ over there on the left- it doesn’t need to reload the page due to some javascript trickery (and you should see a non-javascript degraded version if you you don’t have js turned on).

Anyway – I want your quotes! What is your favourite quote? What makes a good quote?

If you have a favourite quote that covers anything in the category/tag cloud – please post them here and I will add them to my quotes collection… and others can grab them too.

Draftitus – a common blogging affliction?

As you can see from the two posts I have actually published – I am suffering from what I have termed ‘draftitus’ – the symptoms are:

  • At least 4 draft posts awaiting concluding and publishing
  • A gap of at least 1 month since the last post
  • Not havingΒ  narrow enough subject matter and being too tangenital
  • A tendency to read other peoples blogs and comment on them rather than finish your own posts

Anyone else afflicted? Or is it just me?