The Age of Stupid

The Age of Stupid: final trailer Feb 2009 from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

I often have ideas, that I mull over and never get around to doing anything about (man cannot live on ideas alone!), but in this case I am glad somebody else did it first 😉

I was thinking… somebody (perhaps me?) should write a book, a screenplay – a full blown movie even, set in the future when the shi-shi has truly hit the fan, and have someone look back to the present day… and ask why.

A lot of societies glorify ‘the ancestors’ – if not worship them. I think our generation (regardless of ‘culture’), will be the first bunch of ancestors that are reviled and hated, if not cursed, for the legacy we are leaving for our descendants, not because of crimes against humanity, or for starting wars or stealing land or people, but because we are destroying the future of the human race and many of the other flora and fauna that we ‘share’ our precariously spinning space rock and its resources with…

I am looking forward to seeing the film – but just like blog readers dislike being berated, I get the impression that the movie watching public would generally prefer to watch movies where the hero is a superhuman and from another planet/time or something… as opposed to a movie saying “it’s up to you! fix it! it’s your fault! it IS your problem” – but I hope that being proved wrong about that is part of our transition, nay paradigm shift, to becoming honourable and respected ancestors 🙂

How civilised

I just saw this video which was referred to on Keith’s ‘Unsuitablog

I love this video – and it pretty much sums up why I feel so uncomfortable with the level of greenwash that we are subjected to on a daily basis. The whole ‘civilisation’ game is a very finite game and is defined by how long we can get away with unbridled over consumption, relentless extraction of resources and exploitation of labour. Industrial civilisation is pretty much doomed to be no more than a blink of an eye in terms of how long it will be around in the history of Homo sapiens but it could well be the very last chance we get. In our haste to convert everything to liquid assets and to extract every last drop of energy we can dig out of the ground – we are probably going to royally fisk it (it being earth) up for our unfortunate successive generations who will be forced to deal with our incredible short sightedness.

Today, some of our main arguments are whether or not it is worth our while to turn off domestic appliances when not in use, or whether we should eat food flown in from the other side of the planet, or whether wind-turbines have a place in our countryside…

If we carry on asking stupid questions like those, in the future the big question will be whether we reproduce to preserve the human race or whether not to bother in order to preserve the rest of life on earth and quite possibly the solar system and universe at large!

Time to start honing those self-sufficiency skills?

Here’s a Ferengi quote for Trekkies:

Quark: I think I figured out why humans don’t like Ferengi—
Sisko: Not now, Quark.
Quark: The way I see it, humans used to be a lot like Ferengi: greedy, acquisitive, interested only in profit. We’re a constant reminder of a part of your past you’d like to forget.
Sisko: Quark, we don’t have time for this.
Quark: You’re overlooking something, Commander. Humans used to be a lot worse than Ferengi. Slavery, concentration camps, interstellar war… we have nothing in our past that approaches that kind of barbarism. You see? We’re nothing like you… we’re better.

Give me your favourite quotes

I have been using a great little WordPress plug-in called ‘Quotes Collection‘ on this blog – it’s great for grabbing those quotes you see popping up over the web and adding them to your blog. It is my favourite aspect of my own blog actually – I like being inspired, challenged or reminded of important concepts and values by great thinkers.

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Anyway – I want your quotes! What is your favourite quote? What makes a good quote?

If you have a favourite quote that covers anything in the category/tag cloud – please post them here and I will add them to my quotes collection… and others can grab them too.

Observer journalist threatens to sue Survival International

\'Uncontacted\' tribe in Peru

You have probably seen this image. You may have even heard that it was a ‘hoax’ – especially if you read this article in The Observer by Peter Beaumont

Well – it wasn’t a hoax, Peter got a bit confused with semantics and wrongly accused the tribe as being reported as undiscovered. He seemed to be mixing up ‘unknown’ or ‘undiscovered’ with ‘uncontacted’ (which is how Survival International described them) and unfortunately for him, he shouted about it in a national paper.

Anyway – as if that wasn’t bad enough, he then (in a moment of panic?) telephoned Survival International and threatened to sue them:

“Hello, this is Peter Beaumont from The Observer here. I’m getting extremely irritated about the way in which you’re associating me with the allegation that you may have been responsible for a hoax. If you use that word once more, either in association with emails or letters sent to my office or anywhere else, I will be taking legal action and I will sue you for defamation or libel, whichever is appropriate. I’m available at 077x xxx xxxx. You are really on the brink of going too far, so I suggest you get in touch with me.” Listen to the actual voicemail

Stephen Corry, Director of Survival, said today, ‘This is the first time in 39 years that a journalist has threatened to take legal proceedings against us. What makes it all the more astonishing is that the wave of reports precipitated by Mr Beaumont’s article has seriously undermined the fight for tribal peoples’ rights. So far from taking responsibility for the inaccuracies of his piece, he’s going to sue us unless we keep quiet! It might reflect better on The Observer if they simply acknowledged that they had got it wrong, and that our original story was completely accurate.’

You can read more about it over on Survival International’s site