Day 1 – 30 Days Wild 2017

Well, since the last time I started doing 30 Days Wild, I have actually become a little bit obsessed with nature. Just over a year ago, I went on a bee ID weekend workshop hosted by Steven Falk with the Principle Ecologist from work. It’s safe to say I’ve since been a little bit buzzed by bees. So I apologise for the amount of bee pics you’re going to be seeing over the next 30 Days 😀

So, today was an exciting day – I spotted a Megachile centuncularis – Patchwork Leafcutter bee (I think!) and also spotted that they’ve started filling the holes in two of the (so far) unused Bee B&Bs that hang on the walls of my employer’s HQ.

I think the highlight of the day was getting all up in the grill of this Painted Lady, which has migrated all the way from North Africa to mate and rear young in the Cotswolds!

I also took a walk to this lovely field of Phacelia tanacetifolia – farmers sometimes sow this as a ‘green manure’ but for me, it’s really exciting because it’s a massive field of bee magnets!

Oh and finally, I submitted a record for a Kestrel I photographed hovering over the fields near my house the other day. It’s great to take part in biological recording, and it’s super easy with iRecord, there’s even a Smart Phone App.

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