Day 6 – Simple things

Today I’ve been volunteered to be a taxi driver by my daughter, so I decided to do some quick things around the garden for the benefit of wildness.

First I fed the birds with some dried mealworms. We have a massive population of Sparrows in the village – bucking the national trend of decline.


Then, I went and cleared a gap in our hedge for hedgehog passage. We used to have pet rabbits you see, and they used to escape through gaps in the hedge, so I put lots of mesh up to stop them getting through when we let them have a run in the garden. We don’t have rabbits any longer but we have had hedgehogs. In fact, a couple of years ago we had a nest in our raspberry patch. I was SO chuffed! I want to see them back. I hope this new gap will provide easy access. No pics for this.

Then, I seedbombed around the pond with Kabloom Seedboms – it’s a little late in the season but I found them the other day and thought I should give them a go. I think I’ve just used Pollinator BeeBom, LoveBom and Poppy PeaceBom. My kind of bombs!


Then, I got out my drill and a big drill bit and drilled some holes in a couple of logs. Such a simple little thing but I hope to encourage some solitary bees. Last year we had some in a little hazel stake I placed on the fence and forgot to move. They made the holes themselves, but I’m giving them a head start this year 🙂


Going wild doesn’t mean you have to make big plans, pack a picnic and drive miles to a nature reserve. Gardens are important habitats for nature, and I think we should all stop being so apprehensive about letting a little bit of wildness in 🙂

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