Day 3 – A Stroll by the River Frome

This is my new favourite lunchtime spot. It’s 2 minutes from where I work, just past the canal.

It’s like a little oasis of wildness, yes there’s road noise from the A419 that runs parallel to the River Frome, but the wildlife doesn’t seem to care.

It is called Frome Banks and is looked after by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and Stroud Valleys Project. This riverside woodland is a Key Wildlife Site and was established in 1990 and actually grew out of a rubbish tip. It’s a real triumph of nature. The work carried out originally to make this area into part of Stroud’s green heritage was by Gloucestershire Wildlife Management, the Stroud Valleys Project and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. I love them for it. ALOT. I’m not sure what the current status is, but a couple of years ago – it was under threat from developers. It’s making me get a bit tearful thinking about losing this lovely site, I only discovered it a month or so ago and I’ve had some of the best nature experiences of my life there already – on my lunch break. I saw Kingfishers fledging a couple of weeks ago! SO MANY KINGFISHERS!!! <3

Today I didn’t see any Kingfishers, and I saw lots of things that were too quick to photograph but I did manage to film a Dipper dipping 🙂 I filmed it at 50 frames per second, so I was able to slow it down and at the end of the video below, I zoom in so you can see a slow motion dipper dive! I also put a bit of music on there because slowed down river noise sounds a bit scary!!

I also took a few snaps:

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