Day 17 – Kingfisher reversing

I know. I had a bit of a break from blogging but I’ve still been wild everyday. I do social media/blogging stuff for a living and sometimes the joy of experience over-rides the pain of mediation… 😉

So the good news is that I’ve still been doing something wild every day and at some point I’ll get around to backdating the blog with the accompanying posts but I did manage to capture some footage of a Kingfisher leaving its nest today, so I had to share that…

I also need a better lens. The pics I took of it about to enter the nest with a big fish were rushed (those Kingfishers are flighty!) and out of focus, but I managed to shoot some footage of the exit 🙂

(slowed down)

The really exciting thing (apart from this being the first time I’ve managed to photograph/video a Kingfisher) is that this seems to be the second brood in this nest this year 🙂

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