30 Days Wild

I’ve signed up to the Wildlife Trust’s ’30 Days Wild’ campaign, and I plan on actually blogging on here every day (I know right!) with details of my wild antics.

I’m not *really* organised enough to plan 30 days of activity in advance and weather will always play a part but I like to ‘go wild’ as often as possible, so I fully expect to be able to pull this off ad-hoc…

I joined my local Wildlife Trust on my birthday this year (and the local Fungus Group – thanks Auntie Janet!), so I’ll try and visit as many local sites and reserves as possible and share some pics/stories.

Snake’s Head Fritillary are off the list, but I had the pleasure of seeing them while they were in flower in Cricklade North Meadow National Nature Reserve a few weeks ago!

Correct location to mount a permanent drive in linux

There isn’t one.

I have a CIFS network drive mounted in /mnt/cifs on a Debian system at work, I’m then symlinking that to a subdir of the Apache web directory to enable me to get around that old issue of not being able to easily link to ‘local’ files due to differences in cross browser implementation of UNC… (it works BTW).

However, I noticed that the mount had stopped working today. I tried a few things, ‘mount’ was telling me it already existed, but I couldn’t see the directory in /mnt

I asked another guy who has access to the server (and who also knows a hell of a lot more about sysadmin than me) if he knew what might be going on, he said “Yeah – that was me, I needed to temporarily mount a drive and that’s what /mnt is for”.

He’s right too, I saw a few discussions of this while I was trying to find out what was wrong, one here another here and yet another here. Like I said, there is no place ‘correct’ place for permanently mounting a drive in linux, but it sure as hell isn’t in /mnt if you’ve got more than one sysadmin.

I think I’m going to go with the option of creating a new dir in root /network and mount any more permanent drives in there. But that lonely /srv directory is pretty tempting…